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5 Gadgets you don't know EXIST! ▶67

New amazing inventions, cool gadgets, futuristic new technology, and gadgets you didn’t know existed. Mind blow!




1. Everykey: Your Only Key. Unlock everything from cars to laptops – It’s life, only easier.
2. moky: The World’s First Invisible Touchpad Keyboard.
3. Mars : Fusion of Music and Design: The World’s First True Levitating Wireless Speaker with Hi-Fi Sound.
4. Tempi – Smart Temperature and Humidity. Tempi Is a Cool Bluetooth Device That Gives Accurate Temperature and Humidity Readings.
5. Mycroft: An Open Source Artificial Intelligence For Everyone. Uses natural language to control Internet of Things. Built on Raspberry Pi this whole home AI plays media, controls lights & more.

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  1. Person: Hey, what's that little thing clipped to your jacket? Does it answer phone calls or tell time or monitor your heartrate or keep track of your kids or operate your phone's camera?

    Dummy: Uh… no. It's a thermometer.

    Person: That's it?

    Dummy: Yeah, but it can also–

    Person: I have to go talk to someone else now.

  2. minecraft ist the best

  3. Key of password
    Key that can be stole or lost

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