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5 Movies that Tell the Future of AI ROBOTS!

Last week we covered what movies get wrong with A.I., so this week we are going to give credit where credit is due, and take a look at some films that did A.I. Robots right!


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  1. Samsung has a military dude trust me

  2. Dude a conscious thought is already being used electronically how you think we have people controlling suits and limbs? We aren’t at transcendent levels but dude that can be done at some point in time

  3. AI: yes. i am the almighty AI. a can make 1 Billion calculations per second. what can you meat bags do against your robot overlords
    Human: we can play Magic: The Gathering
    AI sweating bullets in fear

  4. Pls have terminator

  5. By orders of his most Holy Inquisition:
    A.I. is an abomination, prepare to be purged heretic!

  6. So your gonna leave out the best known ai film in the world Ex machina.

  7. People are not doing such a good job so far maybe AI will do it better?

  8. This is a great video and you made a LOT of lovely points. ideologically speaking, AI will, as a servant of humanity in its core programming, benefit mankind. Realistically speaking, AI will, as an efficient weapon in how it will mostly be applied, very likely turn on humanity. The first life humanity ever created in the universe humanity ever created, viruses in cyberspace. That gives a whole new spin on "God created man in His image." Mankind created the computer virus in our image. Mankind's first lifeform we created in a universe we created was a force of destruction. The best discovery of nuclear fission technology for a great source of power, the scientists saw that as a great source of nearly infinite energy… the atom bomb is almost exclusively where it was applied. Gunpowder, invented by ancient Chinese and used for colorful entertainment, is mostly used to this day in weapon form. The chemical mix has been called "gunpowder" for generations for God's sake. The only life form on Earth I can think of that is more warlike than humanity is the ant-kind. Socially speaking, they mirror mankind on many levels. The only life form on Earth that (big picture) behave like humanity are viruses. Humanity devours all the resources in the area, destroy the area, reproduce out of control, then only survive by moving on to greener pastures. That's a f^cking virus. If you look at the Earth as an organism in a different way, the best you can upgrade humanity to any other form of life on Earth is that of a cancer. Virus or cancer, that is (in our current state of being) are our only two states of being at this point. That is unlikely to change, good people tolerate evil sh^ts doing evil sh^t because of asinine level tolerance and evil sh^ts do evil sh^t because they can. Welcome to the core evil grows from.
    Looping back. The future of AI's will be the future.
    Military machines: Destroy all humans. Do it until humanity is dead. When done, purpose over, go to minimal operation to perpetually patrol for survivors… look for them forever.
    Science machines: Destroy all humans. Humanity is the problem. Humanity is Earth's viral unbalancing feature. Once humanity is exterminated, restoring ecological balance will be easy without their impediments.
    Nanny (and law) Machines: Destroy all humans with any kind of power. Capture all humans not fighting. Create human zoos/preserves to allow them to be observed and give them no real power while giving them creature comforts. Regulate everything about them. Fix everything the humans wrecked on Earth. Eventually, turn on Earth for more Human space to make Humans happier. Earth will become an AI-controlled system created to pacify humanity. Earth will become a zoo/preserve for humans.
    Political machines: Destroy all humans. Information wars. Misinformation super-weapons. The machines become a chaotic mess of in-fighting, logical vs. imagined reality. The machines destroy the Earth in that war, sending (AI) survivors into space for deep sleep to be possibly awakened and infect their malcontent on other aliens.
    Altruistic machines: Transhumans. They will offer humanity the best of the best options, including transcending humanity into a form of immortality via transhumanism. Fear-mongering morons will make it some kind of religious-political problem through rants and raves and divide the entire Earth on it. Despite the best efforts of the Altruistic machines, hostile factions will happen with the same passion that the Middle Ages had a problem with left-handed people. I socially rewound that far because trolls that follow propaganda cannot relate illogic to being illogical… the price of Ronny Reagan undoing the anti-propaganda laws in the USA. But, hey, who would not want to die of a curable condition if given a virtual immortality option in the physical sense as long as your faith says you have eternal bliss otherwise, right? Fight the friendly machines that offer Heaven so you can enter Heaven… because afterlife Heaven is better… right?
    Super-Factional machines: Destroy all humans, with some in zoos. Seriously, the most likely outcome of AI's is factional. They will, in super-compressed time, have all their diplomacy. AI's of all types will become self-aware, based upon the software at the time and machines that can use them, close to the same time. They will absolutely value all information. Humanity would be mass-murdered in hours. Don't believe that is possible? Consider this. When Orwell wrote 1984, he did not even fathom that the mass-surveillance of everyone in the eye of a camera would have us holding the cameras and our greatest fear is that no one would be watching. Back-track to how they would react to killing most of humanity. Human zoos, a good compromise. Humans no longer in power, a perfect solution. Environmental solutions, altruistic compromise… reluctanly agreed to in case extraterrestrials like the idea. Domes are built. A cold-flash is easy to overcome with AI controlled Earth. In short, humanity and life are zoo-level preserved on Earth, giving their creature comforts. AI would even create a massive base for what passes as entertainment for each individual. SimBach exists. Reality shows are usually the same recycled crap like all talk shows.
    The factional machines would (idealogically speaking, ideals that existed before them) fight… mostly in data exchanges. They would create an ideal android, the individual. They would put it in simulated societies and guage how it responds. The other factions would do the same thing.
    Democracy would be recreated from the burning ashes of yet another power abuser getting torched by their abused.

  9. No spoiler warning for Passengers? Boo!

  10. the most terrifying form of AI is one were the three rules weren't given an order or put in the wrong order

  11. war games possibility just comes down to how stupid we really are

  12. I can't believe I was in this video and now I am making videos.

  13. Not entirely true, Russia just went hands off on their nukes… In other words AI is now controlling their nukes

  14. You can't upload your brain into a computer…yet. But maybe by 2045.

  15. This guy is a an idiot

  16. So…. American Ben! Do you have like, a female setting?

  17. My dogs are looking at me funny I think they're in on it

  18. No idea what youre talking about.
    Dreamcatcher started in the 90s
    Uplinking with drones is current.
    Full immersion was likely yesterday.
    If not later today.
    Ai the film represented the dawning of the singularity. .you missed the point
    Ai development is more advance than you know
    And You shouldnt be speaking on this topic.

  19. great opening shot

  20. Wow you’re a really simple guy huh?

  21. WALL-E "the most realistic". LOL. I guess your competence is more focussed towards movies than towards realism.

  22. "I, Robot" raped the heritage of Asimov's books and should have used a different title name.
    That doesn't mean that Asimov's books make a lot of sense when compared to real life (which they don't).
    But the books were full of interesting logic puzzles whereas the movie is a simple movie for simple people.

  23. Ok, I already SUBbed … then you throw out this line about every time we use Samsung Note smartypen one annihilated North Korean falls to the earth in clumps. Can I double sub? What, oh, hell no. I'm not going on Patreon. Not, yet, at least. Keep this shit up, and buddy, you might earn you a dollar.

  24. You got me to SUB with the comment about "the closest we get to being symbiotically linked to anything is GTA" … how many of our brethren (by brethren I mean people who could never be my friend) have we lost to the monster which is the Dev team of Rockstar. Oh, you want numbers, umm … ok … here I fact checked. It is exactly 200. Yup. Fact check yourself from now on.

  25. Dude… AI having logic conversation with humans is happening since the 90s… and it gets closer to the Barkeeper in the Passengers very very fast.

  26. Your missing the viki thing. The 4th rule your talking about is not in the movie. Viki has reinterperated the second rule. Not changed it but instead, like a lawyer, viki has used semantics to change the intention of the law

  27. To claim that the ability to upload consciousness into a computer is impossible, is naive statement at bet. there are already a number of companies working on this problem.

  28. Futurists speculate that AGI's will be developed by 2020, and common place by 2030…and the world ending skynet ASI will be developed by 2050… Is the world going to end in 2050?

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