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AI for Humans Trailer

This is the trailer for a 12 part docuseries I’ve been working on titled “AI for Humans”. Artificial Intelligence is the most remarkable technology of our time, and it’s starting to affect every single aspect of our lives. Despite it’s massive impact, there is still so much misunderstanding about what it is, how it works, and what we can use it to do. In this series, I’ll be traveling around the world to meet extraordinary individuals using AI to empower their communities. In each episode, I’ll visit a different country to learn more about the intersection of their needs and the modern solutions that AI provides them. This is my pitch to Netflix, I’d love their help to bring AI awareness & inspiration to an even broader audience. Enjoy!

Tweet @netflix with a link to this video and the hashtag #AIforHumans to let them know that you’d like to see this show!


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Comments (16)

  1. Hey, it's going good

  2. Looking pretty good. Something new, something fresh, something inspiring. I hope this makes it to Netflix.

  3. Its not the narrow ai we r afraid of….

  4. Good one! It will be used for good and evil. We need to guard against the evil controlling what is deemed good.

  5. Argument of AI not being dangerous because its 'just' mathematical techniques is probably the dumbest argument I've ever heard and I believe nobody should take the time out of their day to even argue this…

  6. Well we invented Nuclear bombs and living with it, I don't understand the fear around AI. At least we can trust machines for it's hardcor(d)e ethics!

  7. I fully support your project, you're such a good person. Just spread the word on twitter πŸ˜‰

  8. Siraj, you are an idol for me!!

  9. Must take tour in India πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ

  10. This is a great idea, Siraj, Even if it doesn't work out with Netflix, there are other ways to make it happen: a crowdfunded show, for example. 😊I'm sure many of your fans will gladly help with raising awareness for the show and wit inspiring others to get involved. It would be nice to have a website setup for this, with updates, progress reports, and ways for people to contribute time, money, or ideas. Looking forward to hearing more and to helping. 😊

  11. Hey @Netflix lest doit!

  12. Don't really know what to write, just wanna leave a comments so that YouTube algorithms will recommend this to more human beings

  13. As long as its not political woke BS I'll support it πŸ˜€
    SMH Netflix nobody wants to be feed political nonsense when they are trying to relax.

  14. serengeti desert really

  15. Can’t wait to watch this!!!

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