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AIY Projects: DIY AI for Makers – The Vision Kit

Learn all about the newest AIY project – the Vision Kit! AIY Projects brings do-it-yourself artificial intelligence to the Maker community. James, AIY Projects engineer, explains the amazing features of the Vision Kit. We can’t wait to see the awesome and unexpected ways you will use vision in your own projects. Use #AIYprojects on social media to help us find your inventions and let us know what you’d like to see next. For more info on AIY Projects go to

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Comments (24)

  1. Hello my daughters went to a camp this summer to build a vision kit. It's not working and the camp sponsors have not responded to my emails. I was very interested in STEM winning district Science fire competitions until I reached High School and felt unable to measure up to my male classmates and children with parents that were more involved. I'd love for my daughters to be able to continue to pursue their love of STEM and specifically gettin their Vision Kit up and running.

  2. Awesome. can't wait to try this out.. thanks

  3. maan I want to get into this industry and IOT. There is a website and video I have been watching on TensorFlow…Problem is I have no coding experience nor do I know any coding language :'(….I can build websites and play around with the code on there like the CSS and some basic stuff. but this is like Python and Java from my understanding…Any advice on how I can get involved with this stuff please, should I try to learn Python or Java or somthing else? AI and IOT?

  4. Why would people pay to do some other companies research?

  5. how did you realise the live video annotations in the object classifier demo?

  6. Can you combine it with a voice kit?

  7. Of course my question is inspired to learn an I will always respect privacy. It is not meant to be implemented anywhere soon.

  8. Hai
    I manage a dwelling in which the tenders sum times forget to disposes there clutter. Instead sum leave it in the corridors. To follow up this mistake as soon as possible I am wondering if AI can help me. If sum person drops sum thing, I like to get a signal Bij preference on my phone. Can anyone tell me if this would be an option? If yes how do I get the kit? Thanks

    Of course my question is inspired to learn an I will always respect privacy. It is not meant to be implemented anywhere soon.

  9. I believe that in our AI group we are far more advanced than that, but you can judge…

  10. Hi, I am a programmer from India and I really look forward to work on these kits.. please lemme know as to how to get these kits in India.
    Thanx in advance!!

  11. I built a 3 feet robot with the google assistant sdk. I will surely give this a try. Really thanks to google. If anyone is interested in making a humanadroid robot with this then reply here, I will be really happy to share my idea.

  12. Does this really work on NOOK color (w adapter)

  13. Very good begining


  15. Is it better than Nintendo labo? Who knows.

  16. another way to track people and collect more personal information. The presentation gave it away, sorry!

  17. But can it tell you if something is a hotdog, or not a hotdog???

  18. I really want to be part of your team building things that make a change .

  19. Is it used for face detection??

  20. I saw a servo motor mount used at 1:41. Where can I buy one of those? Thanks.

  21. This is how the Matrix started. Elon Musk warned us about AI. AI will make humans obsolete don't yall get it.

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