Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Explained with Radenso

Radenso teaches us all about artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as how they’re applied to filter out false alerts.
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Comments (17)

  1. When is this expected to be on sale?

  2. do radars even work in pennsylvania ?? i don’t even think cops use radar. Help anyone ? I have a uniden r3 never goes off just grocery stores

  3. The question is, how does this keep me from getting a speeding ticket? It reduces false positives?
    People care about how it helps them less that the how it does it. For most ppl it's all PFM anyway.

  4. This will be around 900$ maybe 1000$. I'm guessing but the components going into this detector wont be cheap. You'll be paying for the best detector on the market. Of course for me I'll probably wait for v2 because v1 will work out all the design kinks and possible hiccups. This will replace my R7 in the future for sure. The competition just stepped up a whole staircase Escort and Uniden get to work haha

  5. Have they said it if it is a dashboard mount radar or built in?

  6. 700-800 dollar range I'm guessing. Radenso are doing some great work!

  7. I'm in the market for a detector. But if it's not out by spring, I'll be getting an R7

  8. if the price is rite I'll buy one, otherwise I'll just stick to my r3, it works just fine even with filtering.

    they need to make it withstand very high and low temperatures.
    also hopefully they can teach it to tell the distance of the signal.
    one more thing, i have been looking into these roadside stationary sensors/antennas and supposedly they monitor density and speed of traffic using Bluetooth, wifi, and radio waves. just something to think about.

  9. Awesome 😎👌🏻

  10. Better be affordable.

  11. This will be a $1000 detector. Mark my words.

  12. Interesting. But currently called "ai" are still raw and can't be compared to human learning.
    Especially, current "ai" can't re-learn.
    humans are learning lessons from their mistakes (or at least should be able to), get right but still remember the mistake and even understand why it was wrong.
    Currently "ai" can't do that: data scientist just execute a single pass learning and keep it if it's good but have to discard it if it's not then restart from the beginning. Re-learn means to forget everything previously learnt. Recursive learning is not available.
    That still brings something more to radar detectors filtering but "ai" in itself is still at beginning.

  13. Hoping it isn't 'too' $$$ and I can afford one on my limited retirement funds. (lol) Cannot wait till next year.

  14. If I can afford one I will be replacing the old faithful V1.

  15. But how does the ai remember? Like it has to be stored somewhere

  16. Hands down, this will be my next addition in my vehicles. this will be a true game changer.

  17. 🤘😎👍 So exciting!

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