Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Controls My Life for a Day

A few months ago, I learned the basics of a branch of Artificial Intelligence called Deep Learning. Instead of doing something epic with my newfound knowledge, I decided that I would do something really stupid: let the artificial intelligence create my daily routine – one which makes literally zero sense (perfect).

And yes, I got sunburned on the weekend.


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Comments (29)

  1. I love your vids! and Max

  2. 4:31 it says *woof*
    You’re welcome
    Oh and 5:15
    You’re welcome

  3. Shines washer

    Attempts pushup

    Turns into tomato

  4. This is such a creative idea

  5. If one more person says he has an australian accent. HES A KIWI. THATS NOT AUSTRALIAN

  6. You put so much work into your videos. How have you not hit a million subs yet Jesus.

  7. How is that ringtone called?

  8. Keep on the right track this is really creative and different

  9. I honest to god did not stop laughing this whole video. Amazingly done!

  10. So you found a random number generator?

  11. ive been having a rough day and this video made me laugh so much and now i feel so much better xD

  12. Omg I just had a sick idea

    What if you also train your cat to play minecraft

    THEN bring back Connor and you guys decide who you're gonna team up with (either max or frodo) to play two vs two

  13. Hey time how’s it going?

    Had me laugh out loud haha

  14. He looks like a mix of Troye Sivan, Eddie Redmayne and Ben Howard

  15. Please please PLEASE do a part two

  16. I swear this guy is so funny with the lemon bit god I love his accent too funny

  17. Day 3 of asking Liam for a Q&A

  18. The lemons are bigger than my brain

  19. those lemons are at the size of my fist. Wow those are huge

  20. 3

  21. How many people want this to be a series

  22. Meditate and almonds 😂

  23. When you were drinking that lemon water I could feel the sourness in me mouth from eating that warhead earlier… it was bad. I mean REAL bad

  24. I want to comment but i don't know what to say 3min later ummmm… Liam search up

  25. Honestly id rather have 10 minute videos 1 time a week instead of 2 or 3 5 minute videos a week

  26. this was such a fun and creative idea. i love it. it gets so boring watching other channels copy each other or do the same thing each week. one of my favorite channels!

  27. Liam: drinking hot lemon water
    Liam: that’s not even that –
    Liam: dies

  28. This was so funny, please do this again

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