Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is about to make us immortal! – featuring Zoltan Istvan

We are about to live FOREVER because of new advances in technology and artificial intelligence! I sat down with futurist and transhumanist Zoltan Istvan as he explains how all of this will happen.

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2 oz. (60ml) Scotch
3⁄4 oz. (22ml) Sweet Vermouth
3 dashes Angostura Bitters




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Comments (23)

  1. Anyone saying shit like" playing God or God made us blah blah blah" are holding humanity back. Period. Fairytales are for children.

  2. Trying to encourage transhumanism and the chip through humor…uh no. And yeah, if you take the chip…you’ll live forever in Hell!

  3. Well, anyone who might have a grasp of Latin or common knowledge knows where the term „trans“ comes from and that it is not only linked to sexuality

  4. These interviews are so goooood

  5. Lol this is what happens when Emma was running everything and then leaves.

  6. I see good things about it but more bad things about it… you wont be able to download anything I bet… there would be some type of approval.. like how to make "explosive" (I hope so) if not I feel bad for our world ..

  7. Refreshing surprise to see this interview on your channel. I'd love to see you explore futurist topics more. Aubrey De Gray would be great for radical life extension, Ben Goertzel would be great for AI, and of course Ray Kurzweil would be great overall technological progression. Not sure how difficult it would be to get some of these guys but we need more people talking about these things. What seems like science fiction these days is becoming more like science fact, most people just don't realize it yet. Great interview and research! 👍

  8. is your family ok?

  9. Calm down, JOE ROGAN…….

  10. I like these kind of videos 🙂

  11. why does this sound very ‘Scientology-ish’? 🤔

  12. Here we go again with bullshit content. Go back to the old days man

  13. I wanted to ask you a couple of questions. I needed some advice because I am training to be a bartender at my job and I know you have more experience than me so you probably can help me out. So, like I said earlier I'm training to be a bartender at my job and I decided to read a couple of books to futher learn about drinks I have Smuggler's Cove, fix the pumps, bar book, I have the world atlas of wine, and liquid intelligence. I started reading and a bottle of rum by Wayne Curtis and as I'm reading the book it talks about the history of rum and politics. Now that I'm learning the history and I'm becoming a bartender I'm trying to stay focused, but, it's a dark history. Have you ever dealt with this problem before when you were becoming a bartender? Because,I'm black, you know, so reading it is.?.. you know it's history. It's a lot of stuff in there that I'm trying not to get upset while reading the book but I'm getting upset so I just need some advice if you've read up on the history of rum and what role it plays and society? and if you have, did that at one point stop you I mean have you second-guess on being a bartender?

  14. Dont make these people come on your chanel and change your content please.

  15. Y’all can have that immortal stuff I’ll die in peace brother

  16. I love it! The set up of this show! Keep doing it tipsy bartender!!!

  17. Does not pertain to this video but can you reply to my comment on your vodka jell-o cups video please !

  18. this is anti human garbage they seem to hate humans so much they dont want to be one anymore

  19. I like this format. You should totally make this a podcast

  20. Keep up the good work tipsy fam.

  21. T.B. has no more good recipes to show that it has gone to THIS?! Wtfrick. There's no "over coming death". GOD is in charge.

  22. No, the world can't handle immortal people and a person today can't live that long. Most people will die before the age their parents will because, we are so unhealthy.

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