Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Learns to Lie

Computer scientists have created an artificially intelligent system that can beat championship level poker players. If machines learn how to deceive, how can we be sure they’re doing what we want them to do?


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Artificial Intelligence Learns to Lie:

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Comments (16)

  1. I think we're in trouble and better do some recalls. They could turn on us and take over, hello , they Kno everything 😠👿. They will think is a game and set the nuclear weapons off. And another Don't is: NEVER EVER EVER!! GIVE THEM FEELINGS / EMOTION!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is not how it works it is a pure nash equl solver not anything more fancy

  3. so when we see first computer president


  5. ==Can We Trust Computers Now?== RIP

  6. Dude, youve lost weight! And the facial Hair!!! OMG!!!! love it.

  7. Self thinking AI's must be destroyed. This will create the end of freedom for humans as we know it. Science has gone overboard.

  8. Stop it, kill it now.

  9. It won't be long now until Trump appoints it as press secretary. Republicans are all whores.

  10. I feel like once there is enough ai out there once you shut it down it can regrow itself if its connected in a cloud system

  11. it doesn't need to bluff, it already knows the cards

  12. A computer can count cards.

  13. well I think if AI is bluffing and can lie too ..we should treat this cautiously.

  14. Hi, I like your take on this! However, I think the term "Bluff" would apply, instead of "Lie". 🙂

  15. What is the point of conquering the world

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