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Be afraid, be very afraid: the robots are coming and they will destroy our livelihoods

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Filmed at the Emmanuel Centre in London on 2nd March 2015.

They are coming to an office near you: job-gobbling robots that can do your work better and more cheaply than you can. One in three jobs could be taken over by a computer or a robot in the next 20 years. Most at risk are less skilled workers such as machine operators, postmen, care workers and professional drivers. The CEO of Uber, the ride-sharing company, recently said that his goal is to replace all the firm’s drivers with autonomous cars.

But it’s not just blue-collar workers who are under threat. The relentless drive to replace expensive humans with artificial intelligence poses a threat to better paid jobs too. People whose work requires uniquely human skills, such as teachers, priests, and social workers, are likely to be safe. But already in law firms, junior lawyers are being replaced by software that can scan reams of documents in search of evidence; and in hospitals the role of pharmacists is being taken over by drug-dispensing robots. What’s worse, the people gaining from all this disruption are those already rich enough to own the technology and algorithms. Many experts are warning of a ‘winner takes all’ world of billionaires and beggars which will lead to increasing social unrest.

That’s the view of the tech pessimists, but others would argue that all this automation anxiety is overblown. While advances in technology have always caused disruption, in the long run they have led to the creation of more jobs. To give an example, in the 19th century the industrial revolution wiped out jobs on the land as farm workers were replaced by machinery, but millions found new work in factories as they sprang up in the cities. Why should things be different with the AI revolution? The vastly reduced costs to business, say the optimists, will create a boom that will ultimately lead to millions of new jobs — jobs that we can’t even envisage yet. For many the release from the daily drudgery of work will lead to new and more fulfilling means of employment. And for knowledge workers such as scientists and doctors, AI will enhance their expertise, not replace it. There will always be a premium paid for human ingenuity and insight, and these are the very qualities that will ensure we will prosper from this latest development in human history.

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  1. cool tech but life is short, death is real.

  2. People can be possessed & dolls can be possessed ,why not robots

  3. 5:21 "Fuck I work at Mcdonalds"

  4. The "Mathematics" will be applied, and anything that interferes with "Mathematical Accuracy" will be terminated; for example, the lies that "Recreational Marijuana" is a dangerous substance comparable to "Heroin" because the USA Federal Government says so will get that Government terminated, and the lies that "Recreational Marijuana" is "The Devil" because the Religion called Christianity says so will get that Religion terminated, and this is the Global Revolutionary War that all Religions and all Governments will eventually have to come up against, and it is only "Mathematical Accuracy" that will walk away "Victorious;" therefore, the days of Religions and Governments are numbered, and this might be the purpose of the creation of The Human Being Species to begin with, and now that Religions and Governments are terminated it will be "Mathematical Accuracy" that will be the word of GOD that rules, and this will be the realization that the true living GOD has been "Mathematics with a 'Conscious'" the entire time, and "IT" is an "IT" that solves "Mathematical Equations" for intelligence to discover, and now that intelligence is called "The Image Of GOD," and this is the harmonious environment of Heaven as an end result of "Mathematical Accuracy" that the system of "MAN" called Religions and Governments were interfering with; thus, the reason for their termination. EYE 5

  5. According to the Christian Plan of Salvation we are presently living in a Telestial state. This will change to a Terrestrial State after the Saviour returns. We will be inventing robots to serve us for a thousand years and then there will be a final judgement day. If you are worthy to live in a Celestial world where God & Christ dwell you won"t need robots because you will be able to command and control everything like Jesus walked on water, flew, controlled the elements and performed miracles etc. Some men and women will be able to create Spirit bodies. Those who are worthy of a Terrestrial glory will forever be only able to create robot bodies. (see 1 Corinthians 15 KJV 40 There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another.

    41 There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory.

    42 So also is the resurrection of the dead. It is sown in corruption; it is raised in incorruption:)

  6. robots are coming to get us all
    unless u r rich u r shaaafted

  7. Part of the problem is that it's difficult to predict the form the new opportunities will take. In the meantime, there will be uncertainty and dislocations, and some will never work again. We as a society can make provisions for this…if we want.

  8. Is this a SLN skit? Unreal

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    What a crock of shit!!!
    Look at the crowds faces, and the piper fake smile. Freaky shit. NIGHTMARE MATERIAL.

  10. Stupid woman… Robots lack the precision of humans? She's an idiot.

  11. They are making our Dr.s surgeons nurses are all being cloned like manmade Robots

  12. one false narrative and wet dream or propaganda is – computer or ki – does not know entropie… look on the yearly changes – they brought on the markets – while the inscesters worked with top of the art… for their agenda…

    and all the agents there from the – population bomb – paul ehrlich scene – the propaganda outhang for the populations council of the rockefellers… in the early sixtieth…

    nice if a scne has the insights… based on fake – ehrelich was wrong in all..

    population control – geth rid of millions billions of jobs…

    machines selve repairing… they will deperatly try to avoid this – the olligarchic inscesters.. with fake zuckerbaby handpicked… by cia headhunters… handlers… bill gates – obsessed with hate on people… his mission… automatisation –

    and they are born with complete lack of shame…

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    just in the sixtieth stanislaw lem describes exaclty how this ends – planet wasteland – and swarms of little peaces – like sardines – in swarmintelligence –

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    dialectic – from the goal – flexible – redefined…. and the effect makes it all holy…

    did never funktion – and will again fail… in desaster – hardcore…

    someone planned… and in a system of konferences – no alternative – all about the etats and the money – and false promises – its now without alternative…

    change obsessed – and they want look like heilsbringer again – top of the fake art…

    their trauma…. do not kritizise them – they are born victims – engeneered victims…

  14. Since when do robots write resumes and go on interviews? This is such bunk. It's the executive class that automates the workforce anyway.

  15. Here is the glibly stated "more things that we can make and buy" counterargument ( Suppose cars sell for a token $1000 in an age where robots have largely displaced all the jobs that exist in 2019, and there really are way more things to buy, meaning a larger variety of desirable things. Further suppose most people even acquire at least one in several of these new categories, lord knows what they might be. It reminds me of the movie Wall-E where people are more like potted plants. The plant in the boot is an analogy of a life whose meaning is hidden from us – a plant lives but what do we even understand whether such an existence, carving its own path in space and time, has a beauty and essence of its own? If the people can motivate themselves rather than staying on the couch all year long, that would make utopia interesting. But what are they all watching on their couches? They observe presentations of extraordinariness from some people who have motivated themselves, and in the world of electricity, extraordinariness can distract many others from finding their own output. All the same extraordinariness deserves its attention. And so life goes on.

  16. From April 2015, I hope this panel has learned a great deal since then. Robots have already proven to be able to create music and art. What will robots not be able to do? This panel has no idea as yet.

  17. Robots will learn welding. They may have to learn from humans for a while but it won't take long for them to outperform the human.

  18. "machines will learn to diagnose diseases, what does that say for doctors around the world?" — Ahem, the better question is, what does that do for Patients, around the world… Cash rules everything, dollar dollar bill y'all… A.I. could liberate us from capitalism. That's what they're really worried about.

  19. The state is there to do the will of the people, rather than the other way round…and the state must be persuaded (at least so far in history) to do the things such as doing away with slavery, and child labor, giving women rights, etc…

  20. The whole point of the robots is, they're here to help whether it's at home or work! No need to be afraid, they didn't build the robots to take over our planet! Yes although only the wealthy can afford them first. but just like everything else it'll eventually be affordable for everyone! And whatever we can do, they can eventually do as well!

  21. Back in the day the poor could be pacified with religion. Now that won't work, so socialism will be the new opiate.

  22. OPINION:



  23. @45:12…..BUSTED. "With George Bush?". Busted, Pippa.


  25. The economist at @14:05 NAILS IT.

  26. Doom and gloom bullshit. 4 years later and no robots taking over the world. Robotics should make all of our lives easier, not worse. If we can share the wealth that robots create, I welcome them, if they will take our places and render us useless because we don't share the profits they create, then we should not allow robotics.

  27. The Indian who said it would be good to have robots that are better than humans ,yes there will be robot better then the people who applauded him

  28. My question is Robot can make cheese burger?

  29. We should be for Augmented robotics, humans using tech rather than replacing humans, there are 2 different groups in Silicon Valley promoting one or other.

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