Artificial Intelligence

Deepmind artificial intelligence @ FDOT14

/!\ Smartphone bad audio quality
Deepmind technology wrecking old Atari games, presented by neuroscientist and game developper Demis Hassabis, Deepmind CEO.
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Event held @ First Day of Tomorrow #1, april 2014, Paris

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Comments (14)

  1. Life is not a game you shouldn't play with the mind of people….It's not right Exspecially if you ask people who love people they might help anyways…

  2. This is the worst video ever made.

  3. i give humanity max another 150 years before the robots cause our extinction

  4. I think my left ear is failing

  5. big use in military!

  6. Where can I see the full Talk

  7. Can't wait till they teach it how to play startcraft of counter strike, then we can battle it ourselves

  8. Ive noticed the same thing in my program i call webo, after you talk a bit with it, it seems to start understanding more. I should have made a long video demonstrating it, but I did not. I did make a quick video that also gives the link if anyone wants to chat with webo, as I have it online now.

  9. We are going to see E-Sports with AI Machines. Future is near.

  10. Humans in the future will not be able to come close to AI, the only way for humans to stay relevant is to become them/it.

  11. thieves of project

  12. Put it in an ASIMO 200 cm high and with this after 20 years with 1.000 times better hardware. Still anyone that do not belive we are smooked!

  13. Totaly sic. Will anyone get this soon. It will explode in our face.

  14. NextGen Multiplayer game Bot.

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