Artificial Intelligence

Device Based On Artificial Intelligence | Talk About Product Based On AI | Band 8.0 sample Cue Card

Talk about A Product that Is Based On Artificial Intelligence or An Artificially Intelligent dwvice you know or a Decice that works on Artificial Intelligence or A product works on AI is The Most Important Cue Card Of the Latest List Of #IELTS Cue Sep 2019

This Video By Ielts Expert Mr Ramandeep Singh of Your Bright Future Contains The Sample Answer To This Cue Card With Explanation And Ideas In Hindi For Easy Understanding of the New List Of #IELTS Cue Cards 2019.

YBF IELTS MOGA dedicates to Upload Videos That Help Students In Online Practice Of Latest #IELTS Cue Card and Preparation for the IELTS Speaking Module Online

YBF IELTS MOGA dedicates to Upload Also offers Offline Regular IELTS Classes That Students Can Join And Prepare for #IELTS And achieve target Bands Or Improve Thier Bands.

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  1. Sir difficult ha please GPS ta bana do

  2. Excellent class. How do you get so many ideas about a cue card? Please provide some tips to think like you.

  3. Plz sir talk about a female leader you would like to meet cue card bnado

  4. Sir application aur device same hote hai kya???

  5. Sir jo ek cue card hai A product that recently launched in ur area us ch alexa suna skde ha plzzz rply

  6. Thank you sir, your cue cards ideas are marvelous incredible and fantastic 🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻👍🏻 keep it up👌 god bless you

  7. Guys kisi k paas new cue cards ki pdf hai? ?

  8. My speaking was on 9 september. Cue card -talk about a time when u gave gift to someone but took long time to select

  9. Thank u sir…… It's very helpful for the Sep. Test takers.. As me.. U r doing great job.. God bless u sir.. Additionally .. Make a video on The Cue card.. When you admired the sky for first time.

  10. Alexa is not a Google product, its Amazon's.

  11. Sir cue card di length lambi na krea kro please cue card nu 2 minutes vich cover krea kro

  12. sir please make cue card on " talk about Film you would like to share with your friends".

  13. What do you do you to concentrate while studying or work please send this cue card sample answers sir

  14. Anyone have sep-dec 2019 cue card PDF?

  15. Phone me bhi Ai hota h

  16. Thanks for uploading cue card by using wonderful idea.

  17. Please sir make a video on a female leader you would like to meet

  18. a female leader you would like to meet

  19. Talk about a situation when u use your imagination

  20. Plz yr software te bna do

  21. Sardarji, Alexa is a product of Amazon, not Google's

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