Artificial Intelligence

Google: Artificial Intelligence will be as important as fire!

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Jayce talks about Sundar Pichai’s views on Artificial Intelligence


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Comments (28)

  1. If you listen to what was said, you will understand that it was not an equal option of whether to hit the dog, kid or drive off the cliff. After dodging a dog, the AI loses control and only now has to choose between the kid or the cliff. The point is that an AI will eventually make life & death choices. Who is responsible for those choices?

  2. Vorbind despre situatia unui AI care trebuie sa aleaga dintre viata soferului sau a pietonului…va spun ca toti puneti problema gresit. Vorbiti din punctul de vedere al unei gandiri si calculari umane. Un AI are posibilitatea sa solutioneze intr-o secunda toate variabilele si imprejurimile astfel incat sa ii salveze pe toti, respectiv sa mearga preventiv astfel incat sa nu ajunga la un astfel de scenariu. Ideea alegerii dintre cele 2 personaje din situatia de mai sus, este creata pentru a obtine impact pe piata cand vor veni cu uimitoarea varianta de a-i salva pe toti (soferul si pietonul).

  3. Hi, the pictures you are using show robotics and not ai which might add to the confusion instead of clarify that ai is not bound to a physical presence. Ai will heavily influence stock markets, food supply and other much bigger structures that are more abstract and critical than a robotic car. This is where the big impact will hit and what the speaker in the beginning was talking about when comparing ai to fire. It would have been interesting to learn more about the real dangers of ai ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Cuddle up and snuggle in front of a) an artificial intelligence.
    b) a fire.
    This is without watching the video.
    Why watch a video
    with a one-liner
    baiting idiots.
    No thanks got snagged before .
    Think I will go
    and find the section
    for people with a brain
    that is still functioning.

  5. 2:32 The dog is responsible ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Honestly, though, if tech gets good enough, we may not even need any signs or traffic signals because we'd have intangible cars. It would still allow those who love to drive (like myself) to still drive without sacrificing our love to ai.

  7. straight catch online since northwest insight file set sauce

  8. Eventually Ai will replace sundar too..๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Seems more ethical to have a driver-less car with no ethics but fewer deaths.

  10. Universal Basic Income!

  11. Lawyers and government officials will make sure their jobs are never endangered.

  12. There workshop monitor stuff bitter musical sink.

  13. Definitely it is important. Imagine a world of combination of human intelligence and robotic processing speed๐Ÿ‘Œ.

  14. I'd Just like to point out that market regulations never go well.

  15. Great thing that I live in Africa.
    All the world Gets AI —> 50 year after that Africa get AI ( it will better by that time ๐Ÿ˜‚ )

  16. If AI takeover jobs then we would really need to reshape our way of life.Otherwise we would be lazy as hell and will feel no purpose for living.

  17. AI can grow dangerous to mankind…

  18. *everybody panic!!!

  19. But itโ€™s gonna be as dangerous as fire…

  20. How is a society that refuses to govern itself correctly going to depend on and program A.I. to do the same? A Godless society fails until the Saviour comes.

  21. Well it means we are doomed. :3

  22. why don't you eliminate humanity altogether ! Let's have mass unemployment and mega rich robot owners ruling the planet. Yeah, great idea. It sounds like Blade Runner

  23. Stupid dude ai can be more intelligent but its all about money who pays for that if u have to change 7billion cars and trucks with ai its impossible it take time like 50 plus years to turn half of them not entire

  24. i would rather kill the child.

  25. Wait no one is talking about baby??

  26. We still have mass genocide, people are still killing each other over religious beliefs. Robots will be used to kill other humans.

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