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Greg Brockman: OpenAI and AGI | Artificial Intelligence Podcast (MIT AI)

Greg Brockman is the Co-Founder and CTO of OpenAI, a research organization developing ideas in AI that lead eventually to a safe & friendly artificial general intelligence that benefits and empowers humanity.
This conversation is part of the Artificial Intelligence podcast at MIT and beyond. Audio podcast version is available on

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Comments (13)

  1. This was a thought-provoking conversation about the future of artificial intelligence in our society. When we're busy working on incremental progress in AI, it's easy to forget to look up at the stars and to remember the big picture of what we are working to create and how to do it so it benefits everyone.

  2. Can we get some time stamps my brutha?

  3. The general solution to most hobbyists only having a few saws and drills at home isn't for the government to set up CNC routers all over the country, but for the hobbyist to join a Makerspace.
    In some ways renting GPU time as a collective is easier then setting up a Makerspace because the resources can be anywhere on the internet, for instance where power and cooling are least expensive.
    Until electricity and microprocessor fabrication are as cheap as ideas, there will always be scarcity of both.

  4. This ‘are we living in a simulation’ question is really bugging you…
    eh Lex? 🙂

  5. humans are so fucked up. we will be over in 50 years

  6. Lex looks like a Serbian gangster.

  7. laugh out loud at 1:04:00 when Lex compares havimg one gtx 1080 to having no gpu at all. True though for ml

  8. Please Interview Geoff Hinton!!!

  9. 34:18
    that clueless face is gold lmao

  10. Democratize computation with an international quantum network!

  11. The idea of good&evil being an absolute is silly; It clearly is a relative thing. The universe doesn't care about anything, it just is. Only living species need good or evil to guide themselves. What is good will vary depending on the species and to some extend, the individual.

    Loosely, what's evil is what is not good, and what is good is whatever participates in the permanence of the existence of the species/lineage. Solving what is good by this definition isn't always easy.

  12. maybe some starving kid in africa with a laptop is going to be the next genius that create AI .. i say we give free internet to the entire planet so we can get those genius kids online fast…

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