Artificial Intelligence

How is Artificial Intelligence changing China?

Will China become a leader in Al by 2030? What are China’s advantages, disadvantages?

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Comments (5)

  1. Hi, at 0:06/0:07 seconds, the bridge in the image is in São Paulo Brazil ( Octavio Frias Bridge).

  2. China must be at the forefront of this technology. The significance of AI is as far ranging as those of the Industrial Revolution. It can enhance a country's strength

  3. China is the Country which will take Artificial intelligence to next level and helps to have better Future..

  4. US bans Huawei and followed by Australia. Both refused Chinese telecommunication company to set foot in their countries for fear of competition and it has nothing to do with spy.

  5. To be or not to be Americunt hates competition ,Americunt fears monger think China will conquer the world no more made in China that why Trumpig puts more tariffs on China.

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