Artificial Intelligence

Military-grade artificial intelligence now on the iPhone

Funded by DARPA and SRI International, computer scientists Adam Cheyer, Dag Kittlaus and Tom Gruber are working to bring advanced artificial intelligence to mobile devices. Their invention is Siri, a personal, intelligent assistant on the iPhone that allows users to make verbal requests that Siri will process and then act upon, like scheduling appointments, buying movie tickets, and making dinner reservations.

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Comments (7)

  1. My kids are gonna make out with a laptop when they grow up.

  2. Now Apple owns this company

  3. anything that is iphone only sucks!!!

  4. wow military grade siri. I'll say "siri, pls bazooka that bunker 100m ahead" ..and .."it's done" .."what else would you like to do sir?" and I'll answer "throw some grenade over the enemy to my left. Thanks!" ..all done hand's free! haha

  5. earlier version of iPhone4S Siri

  6. .-. WTF SIRI…. OF IPHONE 4S .-. OMG

  7. wow.. kewl… i like 2 build somthing like this… 🙂

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