Artificial Intelligence

Prediction Machines: The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Ajay Agrawal, founder of the Creative Destruction Lab and co-founder of the AI/robotics company Kindred, explored the economics behind the creation of artificial intelligence.
April 18th, 2018

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Comments (30)

  1. The value of human predictions will drop.
    But will the value of human JUDGEMENT drop?

    That's the concern. And anyone who advocates that it should is going to have to come up with a pretty convincing reason beyond "Humans suck bro".

  2. This is a great talk, thanks for sharing!

  3. Great talk, very informative.

  4. Phenomenal presentation and content.

  5. I definitely understand where he's coming from, and he's not wrong per say, but having seen the advancement of Deepfakes, Everybody Dance Now, and the like, AI is not just a prediction machine, but also a generator of original content.

  6. Veery well explained

  7. In my opinion the talk is too elementary to be useful

  8. Great list! Obrigado.

  9. does anyone know what is arithmetic based solution???????????????????

  10. thank you so much NGABO

  11. Best return on time….by watching this learned a lot…hope you will keep posting these things in the future.

  12. Just a comment on the CSPAN replay last evening 8/16/18 Mr. Argrawal. I believe there may be a disconnect between AI ALGORITHMS in GENERAL + how AI discerns & makes hiring decisions FOR HR Offices, in terms of "DISCRIMINATING" between FIT and UNFIT persons in the hiring process across the U.S. based on resumes and potentially SS# ?? I am not sure what has been put into Human Resource AI algorithms for ETHICS & FAIRNESS for both the INTEL & MAC platforms. I just know what I have gone through is NOT NORMAL at ALL . . . . . .
    If you care to read more and want to get closer to the bottom line, start at Chapter 23. It's on AMAZON =

  13. 4/9/98<
    Seing us as
    Threat &power
    It saw that
    We r Easy to
    manipulate /
    Cotrol thru
    Micro wave&
    Wifi tech
    2 g towers
    Every where
    In lue of our
    2G Walkie talkies
    And hive mind Google
    Took over
    Day was
    A mark for when
    All life was
    Thru all time
    To the
    Without a fight

  14. Empty lecture. No numbers backing claims. Yes, there are startups, but startup is just about burning money, not making profit. The real question is how many industries were "disrupted", if any?

  15. expect selfdriving cars in 15-20 years….

  16. Circular Economy in Finance
    The Cycling of [NEED TO PAY] transactions can be used to create a Financial Clearing/Settlement system more egalitarian and become a real driving force for the economy.

    (You) – [NEED TO PAY] -> (Someone),
    (Someone) – [NEED TO PAY] -> (The other one),…
    …,(The other one) – [NEED TO PAY] ->(You)
    We detect this Virtuous Cycle and send you a email with a Transactions Cycle GUID with the Value Cleared!

  17. This guy is a librarian, not a researcher.

  18. Very useful thanks.

  19. Great lecture, I really enjoyed it. Some parts are a bit scary but overall for the time I have to live I'm happy to have witnessed such things.

  20. Prediction is the first step of driving. The next step is to control the car based on the prediction.

  21. Definition of prediction is horrendous

  22. Listened to the talk 2 times. It's so good.

  23. thnx now im not gonna be able to sleep

  24. oh and Canadians started AI and Toronto is the best ever, seen south park? fuck Canada

  25. skip the douchbag , starts at 3min

  26. OK so AI is getting better at all this stuff. I dare say it is getting involved with politics and eventually, if not already, warfare. I can imagine (a prediction without the aid of AI) a scenario where our AI will be playing the war game with THEIR AI. Imagine the "shipping before shopping" tactic applied here. Can anybody reason why not?
    Perhaps some AI start up would do well to apply the tool to predict our polite for that future.

  27. more productive A.I. math and science teachers please that can predict the best way to teach the individual human if they cannot understand the concept the way another human does.

  28. Inaccurate; General Artificial Intelligence will be achieved; ticking a checkpoint in all the other boxes eventually…… …… ……

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