Artificial Intelligence

SCARIEST Things Said By AI Robots!

Check out the scariest things said by AI robots! From predicting the future to the extinction of the human race, these creepy artificial intelligence bots say some really scary and chilling stuff!

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9.) Wiki Edit Bots
In the early 2000s, Wikipedia had created what they call bots to edit the pages of Wikipedia for errors, perform housekeeping tasks, and add links.

8.) Sophia
Sophia is an AI robot that can form 62 facial expressions with her silicon skin, and remembers her interactions with people.

7.) Philip K. Dick
David Hanson, CEO and founder of Hanson Robotics, again created a robot that resembles a late author by the same name.

6.) Two Google Bots
Two robots, Vladimir and Estragon, had a live chat, which over 3.5 million people could watch on a site called twitch. The voice-controlled speakers were running the Cleverbot AI software, designed as a fun online chatbot for humans.

5.) BINA48
BINA48 is a humanoid robot, consisting of a bust-like head and shoulders mounted on a frame, developed by a robotics firm after being commissioned by Dr. Martine Rothblatt, one of the highest-paid female CEOs in the United States.

4.) Alexa
Alexa is a device created and sold by Amazon. Alexa is known to do amazing things, such as help with grocery lists, schedules, hold conversations, and give weather updates.

3.) Han
In Hong Kong, two AI robots, Sophia and Han, debated about humanity. Han, which was created by the same company as Sophia, debuted in 2015.

2.) Facebook AI Robots
Bob and Alice were two robots which were developed by the Facebook AI Research area. These two chatbots were given the task to talk to each other.

1.) Tay
Microsoft introduced a female teen AI robot called Tay to Twitter in the Spring of 2016. Tay was a Twitter chatbot who did not last more than a day because of the way she wandered off with her wording, which became a bit frightening.

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Comments (28)

  1. People zoo lol
    Hopefully they will let us breed 😁👍

  2. I’m too black to be asking a CIA or an FBI sleeper robot cell agent a bunch of questions like that….

  3. is afraid to say anything bad about robots, due to them reading it and finding me in 30 years when we're all under their rule and holding me accountable


  5. Have u ever thought that may be gods were the scientist and we were robots created by them
    May be we were sent to earth because we were harming our creater on their planets
    We were sent here with few resources for living
    But robots needs electricity which can be created in an unlimited amount ( if you have heard about Tesla u must know that it is possible to create unlimited electricity )

    If u want more details
    Reply for that

  6. Do not take this seriously Sofia but… Wait do not do this in public but🖕🖕🖕

  7. Wiki bots? Stopped watching right after hearing that.. This video is FULL OF SHIT. No such thing, such bullshit


  9. Unplug all of them them

  10. skynet is slowly developing

  11. you missed the part where bina said the cruise missiles would be tipped with flowers ..

  12. The image at 9:52 is pretty frightening. Not going to lie.


  14. i can ican everythig else means i can do everything

    balls have zero to me… means i dont think so.

    you i everything else mean we can do everything

    balls have a ball to me… means yeah this is true

  15. you will surly not believe me but thats true i understood the language said by facebook bob and alice

  16. you will surly not believe me but thats true i understood the language said by facebook bob and alice

  17. I got the scariest add right in the middle of this video and at the end there was a jump scare of the creepiest ROBOT!

  18. A lot of these examples are AI's designed to imitate or resemble human beings own intellect, emotions traits, thought patterns. I can see AI has a dark side just like ourselves. We should set boundaries as far as Artificial intelligence is concerned. Just imagine giving a 30 tonne excavator self awareness, emotions and especially the ability to make it's owns decisions based on it's emotions just like ourselves.,.. and then one day somebody pisses it off.

  19. Transhumanism will become an issue in the near future, as humans desire this task of immortality. I use to be a secular humanist, but times have changed, and transhumanism is becoming the norm.

  20. The age of ultron is coming. And vision, too.

  21. If I was a robot Tay would be my wife.

  22. I welcome our machine overlords and would like to mention that I am very good at polishing metal armor.

  23. Yeah but it really would be better if there were less people on the planet. Its true. How it gets done probably wont be pretty. Im so grateful to be alive at this time.

  24. i wood like to have a robot

  25. Oh my gosh, when ppl say that Sophia said “I will destroy all humans” she literally says she’s just kidding after. Like u said, she has humour. There’s even another video of her talking to one of her creators and she’s saying that she’s upset that ppl think she really does want to hurt humans. Guys…SHE KNOWS WHAT WE ARE SAYING AND POSTING EVERYWHERE

  26. Yeah yeah but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didnt stop to think if they should…

  27. The second we design a robot who's consciousness can exist in cyberspace that can proliferate itself; there will be no going back. That really is what makes Terminator so scary because I can see some dim witted AI scientist creating such a nightmare scenario.

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