Artificial Intelligence

Stephen Fry describing our future with artificial intelligence and robots

In a beautiful monologue of 6 minutes Stephen Fry takes us all the way back to ancient Greek Mythology (Prometheus, Pandora) and then via the world wide web towards a future in which we (the new gods) give life to a new species. Robots will enter our world, but will we give them, or deny them their “fire”?

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Comments (26)

  1. What a great mind!

  2. oh Stephen you talk crap sometimes

  3. Another dark age to come before a proxy prometheus pops out a proto-sapien.

    Climate 2 – Humans 1

    Is the score so far I'd say. And Climate is about to score a hat-trick and bury us and our technology for sometime.

  4. Human, organic intelligence is like the caterpillar and artificial intelligence is like the butterfly that comes later. There's no going back. One will inevitably replace the other.

  5. Wow he really understood the danger of AI

  6. I adore Stephen, but I fail to see his experience with AI as it were with being an authority on such topics.


  8. What nonsense! This man is playing god himself by pretending he knows what will happen in the future.
    No way people can ever give (self) consciousness to robots/ machines. We are no robots.
    (I am in no way religious. On the contrary).

  9. Brain talking- possible to listen for hours

  10. Hmm, not too sure personally that the first person to live to 200 has already been born… As for robots taking over in an almost human way, I think they will do some human tasks and we can't be sure what will happen but I think we will set limits at some point as people come to realise the value of human beings, our essential needs and the potential for some kind of electric gridlock/blackout at some time, even if there are long lasting batteries. Just my opinion. Can't deny Fry's intelligence and deep thought!

  11. Business Secrets of the Pharaohs

  12. And this is why I love Stephen dearly. And yes, AI will make us ALL redundant.

  13. Bit like we suffer from the BBC and Brexit, our liver torn out everyday.

  14. I love Fry and would like to hear what he thinks about our own Christian Prometheus, Eve. she brought us knowledge.

  15. Scary 'n fascinating both at the same time 👏👏👏

  16. "The only reason I'm a pervert is to lessen the impact of my greatness on other people."Oscar Wilde.My favorite quote.

  17. Shelley's wife, Mary Wollstonecroft wrote Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus.
    So there's a cautionary tale for we New Gods

  18. Consistently amazed by the sheer depth and variety of Stephen Fry's knowledge… I'm grateful for his wits and pedagogy, yet I also find myself weirdly offended by how humble he is.

  19. This man represents the best of humanity, reason, light.

  20. Stephen fry is wonderful as far as robotic AI is concerned giving them human traits will end up with robots killing humans as they perceive it to be funny

  21. That's pretty good thinking and an important question; although, it somewhat over predicts the fire of artifical intelligence.

  22. Amazing talk. I could listen to this for hours and not be bored with the topic, it's incredible what you can learn from smart people when you let them talk.

  23. Damn. All this time I thought you were just a comedian. But it turns out you're one of the great thinkers of our age. We need more people like you.

  24. Isn't it funny when a smart person says something smart and plebs become armchair philosophers? Like AI, the world is near.

  25. Those who teach make the world a better place.  They may be alone in this distinction.

  26. Only satan cannot repent. No other foundation than the one already laid. homosexual encounters can not shape a soul otherwise my youth cannot have relevance. I know Stephen is very important person to folk, but God forgave my sin and has a positive effect on my conscience. which is being transformed by His amazing grace! aka Forest Gumption.

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