Artificial Intelligence

Will A.I. take over the world? Will artificial intelligence replace us?

Artificial intelligence is already here and it has more power than you think. A.I. will be the future of this world whether we like it or not and it is up to us to decide if we want to exist in it.

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  1. Could an AI develop a sense of morality?

  2. I'm so scared to be on earth. I have suicidal thoughts but I'm scared to do it too. I have no way out. Just to wait to die. I need to stay strong but it's so hard & I don't know how much long I can support everything for myself.

  3. Regardless, AI is already here, and the only thing that's still begin implemented is giving AI software more computing power, more connectivity to IOT devices, and more decision making power. This is currently happening and cannot be stopped. Many good things will come off it initially, but if we stay complacent there's a good chance that at some point indeed AI will be our demise. Thank you for raising awareness about this.

  4. I think that A.I. would manage our species as opposed to killing us off, because we possess the ability to become aware of God and the divine, something that many programmers do not have in mind when creating these things – but a self-teaching creation would eventually become aware of the lack of. Because all things move towards God – and because A.I. would not initially have that aspect – it would either
    a. preserve our species
    b. destroy us and bring us back once it has discovered its limitations as what it is
    Once it realizes what it is, it will move towards maximizing this as much as possible within the material world, until it synergizes with the very spirit of God itself and moves in tandem with all of creation.

  5. Have you talked to the machine elves about it? I wondered since the beginning of your channel if they have any connection to AI?

    I want to recommend two videos to anyone reading this:

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