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Will Robots and Artificial intelligence take our job ? | Future Jobs in India in Hindi

क्या Robots और Artificial Intelligence हमारी Jobs छिन लेंगे ? | Future Jobs | Hindi

Will robots and artificial intelligence take your job? | Learn about future jobs | Will Robots and Artificial intelligence take our job ? | Future Jobs in India in Hindi

Automation and Artificial Intelligence has been a major worry when it comes to work and future jobs. A recently released report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) dwells on automation and employability. The report says automation will likely impact “most jobs involving highly structured physical activity in predictable environments, such as manufacturing and retail, alongside data collection and processing”.
India has an unemployment crisis. Over and above that, what this report suggests is that India also has an employability crisis. Even when firms have jobs on offer, they are unable to find candidates with the right skills who can take on these jobs.

1. Jobs Under Threat – 2:17
2. Gain to be Made : 4:53

An eye opener video on “Artificial Intelligence” and the “Rise of the Robots” This video seeks to serve as a reminder to the society as to how “Future Robots” will take away nearly 50% of Human Jobs from us unless we continue to evolve.
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